General Criteria

Nominees may be contemporary or historical*, but must be citizens of the United States, either by birth or naturalization. Their contribution(s) should be of national or global importance and of enduring value.

Instructions and Information

Completed nomination forms must be typed and submitted directly to the Hall electronically or via mail. Your nomination must state the nominee’s place of birth or date of naturalization. Please note that the information must be provided in complete sentences with proper attention paid to spelling and grammar. Incomplete nominations or those that do not meet acceptable standards will not be forwarded for judging. Nominations will be reviewed for accuracy and compliance by the Hall’s staff. You will receive confirmation that your nomination was received. Qualifying nominations are forwarded to a National Judges Panel for scoring on the basis of the value of the nominee’s contribution(s) to the development of the United States of America, the significant national or global impact of their achievement(s), and the enduring value of their achievement(s). The National Judges Panel is comprised of distinguished citizens and representatives from respected national organizations.**

Your completed form is the primary tool used to determine the merits of your nominee for induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.*** Only the completed nomination form will be sent to the National Judges Panel for scoring and final selection. Please refrain from sending petitions, photos, books, etc. If additional materials are required, the National Women’s Hall of Fame will contact you.

Nominations will be reviewed and considered on a continuing basis. However, a cut-off date will be set approximately 18 months prior to a scheduled Induction Ceremony. Nominations received after that date will be considered for the following Induction Ceremony.

Forward your completed form to:
— or —
National Women’s Hall of Fame
Post Office Box 335
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
— or —
315.568.2976 (fax)

* The National Women’s Hall of Fame retains the right to designate the recipient of a historical Inductee’s award at the Induction Ceremony.

** If additional space is required to provide a complete answer, please attach additional sheets.

*** All submitted materials become property of the National Women’s Hall of Fame and will not be returned to the nominator. The National Women’s Hall of Fame is not responsible for nominations lost in transit.