An Evening With Ruth Colvin – March 25, 2021


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This Forum event spotlighted the book, My Travels Through Life, Love, and Literacy – A Journey Over 100 Years in the Making, by Ruth Colvin.


An Evening with Ruth J. Colvin

Event Description:

Enjoy an evening with Ruth J. Colvin, 1993 National Women’s Hall of Fame Inductee. At 104 years young, Mrs. Colvin is the National Women’s Hall of Fame’s oldest living Inductee! But for Ruth Colvin age is just a number, and as she says, “what’s important is what you do with your number.” Join us as we hear from Ruth Colvin about what she’s done with that number; starting a national literacy organization, traveling the world, giving literacy training courses in 26 different countries, and how she keeps a positive attitude even after losing the love of her life after 73 years of marriage. This NWHF Forum will include a talk from Ruth J. Colvin, with the opportunity for questions from the audience.

Learn all about Mrs. Colvin and buy an autographed copy of Ruth J. Colvin’s newest memoir, My Travels Through Life, Love, and Literacy – A Journey Over 100 Years in the Making, in the NWHF webshop!


TUTOR, 8th edition

I Speak English,  5th edition

A Way With Words, 4th edition

Native Language Literacy 

Reading and Writing, translated into multiple languages

READ: Reading Evolution Adult Diagnosis 5th edition (co-authored by Jane Root, PhD, Kathleen Hinchman, PhD, Rebecca Shourlz, MA)

In the Beginning Was the Word: Teaching Reading and Writing Through the Bible 

Off the Beaten Path

For Ladies- As New Golfers 

Rouse the Mouse and His Friends (children’s book)

Great Traveling After 55