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These are the Inductees of the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Select any of the women to discover their stories and learn how they have influenced other women and this country.

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Inductee Name Achievement Born Where Born Inducted More

Abigail AdamsAbigail Adams Humanities 1744 Massachusetts 1976

Jane AddamsJane Addams Humanities 1860 Illinois 1973

Ethel Percy AndrusEthel Percy Andrus Humanities 1884 California 1993

Susan B. AnthonySusan B. Anthony Humanities 1820 Massachusetts 1973

Ella BakerElla Baker Humanities 1903 Virginia 1994

Antoinette BlackwellAntoinette Blackwell Humanities 1825 New York 1993

Amelia BloomerAmelia Bloomer Humanities 1818 New York 1995

Betty BumpersBetty Bumpers Humanities 1925 Arkansas 2005

Charlotte Anne BunchCharlotte Anne Bunch Education, Humanities 1944 North Carolina 1996

St. Frances Xavier CabriniSt. Frances Xavier Cabrini Humanities 1850 Italy 1996

Mary Steichen CalderoneMary Steichen Calderone Education, Humanities 1904 France 1998

Eleanor Rosalynn Smith CarterEleanor Rosalynn Smith Carter Humanities 1927 Georgia 2001

Mary Ann Shadd CaryMary Ann Shadd Cary Humanities 1823 Delaware 1998

Carrie Chapman CattCarrie Chapman Catt Humanities 1859 Wisconsin 1982

Lydia Maria ChildLydia Maria Child Humanities 1802 Massachusetts 2001

Mother Marianne CopeMother Marianne Cope Humanities 1838 Germany 2005

Matilda Raffa CuomoMatilda Raffa Cuomo Education, Government, Humanities, Philanthropy 1931 New York 2017

Paulina Kellogg Wright DavisPaulina Kellogg Wright Davis Humanities 1813 New York 2002

Dorothy DayDorothy Day Humanities 1897 New York 2001

Marian de ForestMarian de Forest Arts, Humanities 1864 New York 2001

Karen DeCrowKaren DeCrow Government, Humanities 1937 Illinois 2009

Emma Smith DeVoeEmma Smith DeVoe Humanities 1848 Illinois 2000

Dorothea DixDorothea Dix Humanities 1802 Maine 1979

Elizabeth Hanford DoleElizabeth Hanford Dole Government, Humanities 1936 North Carolina 1995

St. Katharine DrexelSt. Katharine Drexel Humanities 1858 Pennsylvania 2011

Anne Dallas DudleyAnne Dallas Dudley Humanities 1876 Tennessee 1995

Mary Barret DyerMary Barret Dyer Humanities unkn. England 2000

Catherine EastCatherine East Humanities 1916 null 1994

Crystal EastmanCrystal Eastman Humanities 1881 Massachusetts 2000

Mary Baker EddyMary Baker Eddy Humanities 1821 New Hampshire 1995

Marian Wright EdelmanMarian Wright Edelman Humanities 1939 South Carolina 1993

Betty FordBetty Ford Humanities 1918 Illinois 2013

Abby Kelley FosterAbby Kelley Foster Humanities 1811 Massachusetts 2011

Betty FriedanBetty Friedan Humanities 1921 Illinois 1993

Matilda Joslyn GageMatilda Joslyn Gage Humanities 1826 New York 1995

Temple GrandinTemple Grandin Education, Humanities, Science 1947 Massachusetts 2017

Marcia GreenbergerMarcia Greenberger Humanities 1946 United States of America 2015

Sarah GrimkéSarah Grimké Humanities 1792 South Carolina 1998

Fannie Lou HamerFannie Lou Hamer Humanities 1917 Mississippi 1993

Lorraine HansberryLorraine Hansberry Arts, Humanities 1930 Illinois 2017

Dorothy HeightDorothy Height Education, Humanities 1912 Virginia 1993

Bertha HoltBertha Holt Humanities 1904 Iowa 2002

Julia Ward HoweJulia Ward Howe Humanities 1819 New York 1998

Dolores HuertaDolores Huerta Humanities 1930 New Mexico 1993

Anne HutchinsonAnne Hutchinson Humanities 1591 England 1994

Mary  Mary "Mother" Harris Jones Humanities 1837 Ireland 1984

Susan Kelly-DreissSusan Kelly-Dreiss Humanities 1942 Pennsylvania 2009

Leontine T.C. KellyLeontine T.C. Kelly Humanities 1920 District of Columbia 2000

Jean KilbourneJean Kilbourne Humanities 1943 Kansas 2015

Coretta Scott KingCoretta Scott King Humanities 1927 Alabama 2011

Maggie KuhnMaggie Kuhn Humanities 1905 null 1995

Susette La FlescheSusette La Flesche Humanities 1854 Nebraska 1994

Winona LaDukeWinona LaDuke Humanities 1959 California 2007

Carlotta Walls LaNierCarlotta Walls LaNier Humanities 1942 Arkansas 2015

Sherry LansingSherry Lansing Arts, Business, Humanities, Philanthropy 1944 Illinois 2017

Lilly LedbetterLilly Ledbetter Humanities 1938 Alabama 2011

Juliette Gordon LowJuliette Gordon Low Humanities 1860 Georgia 1979

Clare Boothe LuceClare Boothe Luce Arts, Government, Humanities, Philanthropy 1903 New York 2017

Wilma MankillerWilma Mankiller Humanities 1945 Oklahoma 1993

Katharine Dexter McCormickKatharine Dexter McCormick Humanities, Philanthropy 1875 Michigan 1998

Kate MillettKate Millett Arts, Education, Humanities 1934 Minnesota 2013

Lucretia MottLucretia Mott Humanities 1793 null 1983

Kate MullanyKate Mullany Humanities 1845 null 2000

Aimée MullinsAimée Mullins Arts, Athletics, Humanities, Philanthropy 1976 Pennsylvania 2017

Carol A. MutterCarol A. Mutter Government, Humanities 1945 Colorado 2017

Rosa ParksRosa Parks Humanities 1913 Alabama 1993

Alice PaulAlice Paul Humanities 1885 1979

Rebecca Talbot PerkinsRebecca Talbot Perkins Humanities 1866 New York 2009

Esther PetersonEsther Peterson Humanities 1906 Utah 1993

Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, MMMother Mary Joseph Rogers, MM Humanities 1882 Massachusetts 2013

Eleanor RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt Humanities 1884 1973

Ernestine Louise Potowski RoseErnestine Louise Potowski Rose Humanities 1810 null 1996

Elaine RouletElaine Roulet Humanities 1930 1993

Josephine St. Pierre RuffinJosephine St. Pierre Ruffin Humanities 1842 1995

Mary Harriman RumseyMary Harriman Rumsey Humanities 1881 New York 2015

Sacagawea Sacajawea / SakakaweaSacagawea Sacajawea / Sakakawea Humanities c.1788 Idaho 2003

Bernice Resnick SandlerBernice Resnick Sandler Education, Humanities 1928 New York 2013

Margaret SangerMargaret Sanger Humanities 1879 null 1981

Katherine Siva SaubelKatherine Siva Saubel Arts, Education, Humanities 1920 California 1993

Betty Bone SchiessBetty Bone Schiess Humanities 1923 Ohio 1994

Elizabeth Bayley SetonElizabeth Bayley Seton Humanities 1774 null 1979

Anna Howard ShawAnna Howard Shaw Humanities 1847 England 2000

Eunice Kennedy ShriverEunice Kennedy Shriver Humanities 1921 Massachusetts 1998

Eleanor SmealEleanor Smeal Humanities 1939 Ohio 2015

Hannah Greenebaum SolomonHannah Greenebaum Solomon Humanities 1858 Illinois 1995

Elizabeth Cady StantonElizabeth Cady Stanton Humanities 1815 New York 1973

Gloria SteinemGloria Steinem Humanities 1934 Ohio 1993

Lucy StoneLucy Stone Humanities 1818 Massachusetts 1986

Henrietta SzoldHenrietta Szold Humanities 1860 Maryland 2007

Mary Burnett TalbertMary Burnett Talbert Humanities 1866 Ohio 2005

Sojourner TruthSojourner Truth Humanities c.1797 New York 1981

Harriet TubmanHarriet Tubman Humanities c.1820 Maryland 1973

Alice WatersAlice Waters Business, Education, Humanities, Philanthropy 1944 New Jersey 2017

Faye WattletonFaye Wattleton Humanities 1943 Missouri 1993

Angelina Grimké WeldAngelina Grimké Weld Humanities 1805 South Carolina 1998

Ida B. Wells-BarnettIda B. Wells-Barnett Arts, Humanities 1862 Mississippi 1988

Frances E. WillardFrances E. Willard Humanities 1839 New York 2000

Sarah WinnemuccaSarah Winnemucca Humanities c.1842 Nevada 1994

Victoria WoodhullVictoria Woodhull Humanities 1838 Ohio 2001

Fanny WrightFanny Wright Humanities 1795 Scotland 1994

Martha Coffin Pelham WrightMartha Coffin Pelham Wright Humanities 1806 Massachusetts 2007

Gloria YerkovichGloria Yerkovich Humanities 1942 Unknown 1993