Dear Friends, 

March is Women’s History Month. Black History Month (February), Asian American Heritage Month (May), Pride Month (June), Native American Heritage Month (November) are but a few of the other occasions we have to honor people and communities who have been historically overlooked, cast aside, or forgotten. 

These months and special days are important because they provide a structure to celebrate achievement and advance conversations about equity, equality, and human rights. And yet understanding, honoring, and accepting our history – the good and the challenging – is a continual process that doesn’t stop once we turn the calendar page.  

This year, the National Women’s Hall of Fame is experimenting with our timeline and making a deliberate effort to ensure the inspiring stories of great women extend beyond March 31. During the first week of April, we’re hosting chats with Inductees Dolores Huerta and Jean Kilbourne. We also invite you to join a “Town Hall with the Hall” to meet National Women’s Hall of Fame staff.  And finally, we have also curated a selection of events hosted by some of our sister organizations that may be of interest to you. Learn more and register here. 

A few other important updates from the Hall: 

  • Earlier this month we launched a TikTok series, called “Daily Dose,” which provides daily, two-minute introductions to Hall Inductees.  From aviator Bessie Coleman to photographer Dorothea Lange, these short clips allow more people to learn about and celebrate the women we honor. 
  • Don’t forget! March 31 is the deadline for nominations for the National Women’s Hall of Fame 2023 Induction Class. All Inductees are nominated by and chosen by the public. Who do you want to see honored?  Visit our Nominations Page to get started. 
  • On March 3, the National Women’s Hall of Fame held the Unsung Woman Genius Summit, a two-hour educational event for teachers, parents, and the public. 2021 Inductee Katherine Johnson’s daughters, Katherine Moore and Joylette Hylick. The program was captivating and inspiring, and we invite you to watch (or re-watch it!) here. 
  • The National Women’s Hall of Fame has begun planning for capital work funded by grants and private philanthropy. The next chapter of work includes the restoration of our beloved smokestack and bell tower as well as the construction of a four-story elevator and stairwell to provide access to the Seneca Knitting Mill’s upper floors.  
  • And finally, Kyla James, a talented young artist in Seneca Falls, recently painted this exceptional portrait of a 1973 Inductee Harriet Tubman. Prints and notecards are available in our museum and online gift stores.  

Thank you for your support of the National Women’s Hall of Fame, and we look forward to seeing you in our gallery or at one of our programs soon. 

Jennifer Gabriel
Executive Director