Alverno College students, as part of their upper level Women and Leadership course, worked with the Hall to create Inductee podcasts for their midterm exam. Alverno College is a private Catholic Women’s College in Wisconsin, founded in 1887, and is consistently ranked one of the most innovative colleges in the Midwest. Under the guidance of Professor Stephani Richards-Wilson, each student researched a Hall Inductee of their choosing and created a 10-minute podcast detailing the Inductee’s accomplishments while imagining what the Inductee might say if she were still with us today.
This collaboration began in July 2018 when Richards-Wilson saw the Hall’s nationwide “Imagine the Conversation” contest, which tasked participants with imagining what may have been said during the historic meeting of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Richards-Wilson was fascinated by the idea and contacted Hall Education Coordinator, Natalie Munderville, seeking project suggestions. Months later, the podcast project was born, and with Munderville as a resource, students soon found themselves looking through newspaper clippings, obituaries, and other archival material from a place hundreds of miles away that none of them had ever heard of— much less visited to explore the archives. Now, with their completed podcasts, they have embedded themselves forever within the fabric of the Hall’s rich history.