We asked you to Imagine the Conversation that inspired this statue, when Amelia Bloomer introduced Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. You all certainly delivered, and we received dozens of amazing submissions.

A committee went through all the submissions and decided on the winner…here it is! Thank you!

“We will show them just what these bloomers can do!”

When Amelia Bloomer introduced Susan B. Anthony to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Bloomer and Stanton were wearing bloomers. Both noticed Anthony was not.

Stanton teased Anthony stating, “Well what an interesting dress, you must be planning to sit on the porch a spell.” Instantly, Anthony replied, “If only it were so, there is just too much work to do. Let’s stop this nonsense and get down to what needs to be done.”

Hours quickly went by, one talking faster than the other. More ideas than a lifetime could fill. Ideas that needed to be heard. Women were waiting. The nation was waiting.

Not wanting to lose the momentum they had gained, Stanton turned to Anthony and said, “Join me – you talk and I’ll write – it’s time to spread the word of “Women’s Rights” across this great land of ours and around the world. Who knows, maybe someday we will be called “Foremothers” of this suffrage movement; give our “Forefathers” something to think about. We will wait no longer.”

“We’ll show them just what these bloomers can do. Women’s Right to Vote will be ours!”

By Sandy Barnhart
Franklin, WI