July is the anniversary of the first ever Women’s Rights Convention which took place in Seneca Falls on July 19th, 1848. This July, the 20th – 22nd, we celebrate Convention Days: 170 years since the event that changed all of our lives in critical ways. Three years later, another historic event occurred. Two women at the forefront of the women’s movement, met for the first time…

Can you imagine the conversation?

What did they say to one another when Amelia Bloomer introduced Susan B. Anthony to Elizabeth Cady Stanton on May 12th, 1851 in Seneca Falls, NY? We want YOU to imagine the conversation that sparked a lifelong friendship that shook the world. The National Women’s Hall of Fame is calling for creative submissions (all ages welcome) that paint a picture of what the famous conversation between these three suffragists sounded like. Participants can submit an essay, script, video, comic strip or any other creative depiction of their choice. Entries due by August 1st, 2018.

Three ways to send your entries:

DROP OFF submissions at the Hall @ 76 Fall Street, Seneca Falls NY

E-MAIL submissions to nmunderville@womenofthehall.org with subject line “Convention Days Submission”

TWEET @womenofthehall (if you like to keep it short!) #NWHF #ConventionDays