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Mary McLeod Bethune Education 1875 South Carolina 1973

Mary McLeod Bethune

Year Honored: 1973
Birth: 1875 - 1955
Born In: South Carolina
Achievements: Education

African American teacher who, with only $1.50, began a school to help educate young African American women. After developing it into a college, she became a powerful leader, and through her leadership of the National Council of Negro Women, worked to end discrimination and increase opportunities for African Americans.

Antoinette Blackwell Humanities 1825 New York 1993

Antoinette Blackwell

Year Honored: 1993
Birth: 1825 - 1921
Born In: New York
Achievements: Humanities

First American woman ordained a minister by a recognized denomination (Congregational), despite great opposition to women in the ministry. Blackwell was a pastor, mother of seven children, and wrote many books and essays.

Elizabeth Blackwell Science 1821 England 1973

Elizabeth Blackwell

Year Honored: 1973
Birth: 1821 - 1910
Born In: England
Achievements: Science

First American woman awarded an M.D. Blackwell founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children and the Women’s Medical College, after having been banned from hospitals in New York. She paved the way for women in medicine.

Emily Blackwell Science 1826 England 1993

Emily Blackwell

Year Honored: 1993
Birth: 1826 - 1910
Born In: England
Achievements: Science

Sister of Elizabeth Blackwell, was also a physician. Emily ran the infirmary for women and the medical college for women founded by her sister, providing excellent training for women in medicine.

Amelia Bloomer Humanities 1818 New York 1995

Amelia Bloomer

Year Honored: 1995
Birth: 1818 - 1894
Born In: New York
Achievements: Humanities

First woman to own, operate and edit a newspaper for women, The Lily. First published in 1849 in Seneca Falls, New York, it became a recognized forum for women’s rights issues. She often wore full-cut pantaloons under a short skirt, giving birth to the term “bloomers.”

Louise Bourgeois Arts 1911 France 2009

Louise Bourgeois

Year Honored: 2009
Birth: 1911 - 2010
Born In: France
Achievements: Arts

One of the world’s most preeminent artists, Louise Bourgeois’s career spanned over seven decades. Best known for her work as a sculptor, Bourgeois used a variety of materials including wood, metal, marble and latex to create works often reflective of her childhood experiences and life relationships. In 1982, Bourgeois became the first female artist to be given a retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and in 1997 she was awarded the National Medal of Arts. Her varied and extensive body of work has been displayed in the collections of major museums worldwide.

Margaret Bourke-White Arts 1904 New York 1990

Margaret Bourke-White

Year Honored: 1990
Birth: 1904 - 1971
Born In: New York
Achievements: Arts

Trailblazing photographer, recording the Depression, London in the Blitz, Stalin and the Kremlin, World War II and more as the paramount photographer for Life, Fortune and other publications.

Lydia Moss Bradley Business, Philanthropy 1816 Indiana 1998

Lydia Moss Bradley

Year Honored: 1998
Birth: 1816 - 1908
Born In: Indiana
Achievements: Business, Philanthropy

Educator, founder of Bradley University and coeducation advocate. Bradley was a pioneer in business and education, the first female member of a national bank board in the United States. Noted as a philanthropist who financially supported many social causes, she determined that Bradley University would be for both women and men.

Myra Bradwell Government 1831 Vermont 1994

Myra Bradwell

Year Honored: 1994
Birth: 1831 - 1894
Born In: Vermont
Achievements: Government

America’s first woman lawyer. When denied permission to practice law in Illinois (despite passing the bar examination) because of her gender, she began publishing The Chicago Legal News, a very successful legal journal. When the laws changed in 1892, Bradwell was admitted to practice in Illinois and in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mary Breckinridge Science 1881 Tennessee 1995

Mary Breckinridge

Year Honored: 1995
Birth: 1881 - 1965
Born In: Tennessee
Achievements: Science

The United States foremost pioneer in the development of midwifery and provision of care to rural areas. Breckinridge founded the Frontier Nursing Service.

Nancy Brinker Philanthropy 1946 Illinois 2015

Nancy Brinker

Year Honored: 2015
Birth: 1946 -
Born In: Illinois
Achievements: Philanthropy

The founder of Susan G. Komen®, Nancy Brinker pioneered in the concept of cause-related marketing allowing millions to participate in the commitment to eradicate breast cancer.  She is regarded as the leader of the global breast cancer movement.

Gwendolyn Brooks Arts 1917 Kansas 1988

Gwendolyn Brooks

Year Honored: 1988
Birth: 1917 - 2000
Born In: Kansas
Achievements: Arts

Poet and novelist. Brooks was the first African American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize (Annie Allen, 1949). She was very active in the Black arts movement.

Pearl S. Buck Arts 1892 West Virginia 1973

Pearl S. Buck

Year Honored: 1973
Birth: 1892 - 1973
Born In: West Virginia
Achievements: Arts

Novelist whose writing evoked two different cultures, American and Asian. Buck won the Pulitzer Prize for The Good Earth and was later the first American woman awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for her body of work.

Betty Bumpers Humanities 1925 Arkansas 2005

Betty Bumpers

Year Honored: 2005
Birth: 1925 - 2018
Born In: Arkansas
Achievements: Humanities

Former first lady of Arkansas, Betty Bumpers dedicated herself to world peace and health initiatives for children across the United States. As First Lady of Arkansas, Mrs. Bumpers spearheaded an immunization program in her state that became a national model. She also co-founded Every Child by Two with Rosalynn Carter, a national immunization program. Mrs. Bumpers was active in the global campaign to eradicate polio.

Charlotte Anne Bunch Education, Humanities 1944 North Carolina 1996

Charlotte Anne Bunch

Year Honored: 1996
Birth: 1944 -
Born In: North Carolina
Achievements: Education, Humanities

Founder and director of the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers University. Bunch has helped shape the global feminist movement and created consciousness about gender-based human rights. She is also a leader in national and international networking and advocacy for women.

Octavia E. Butler Arts 1947 California 2021

Octavia E. Butler

Year Honored: 2021
Birth: 1947 - 2006
Born In: California
Achievements: Arts

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Humanities 1850 Italy 1996

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Year Honored: 1996
Birth: 1850 - 1917
Born In: Italy
Achievements: Humanities

Established orphanages, day care centers, schools, clinics and hospitals for immigrants in the United States and around the world. She established a missionary order of women and was the first American citizen to be canonized a saint.

Mary Steichen Calderone Education, Humanities 1904 France 1998

Mary Steichen Calderone

Year Honored: 1998
Birth: 1904 - 1998
Born In: France
Achievements: Education, Humanities

Pioneering sex educator and acknowledged “mother of sex education.” She established the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, which established sexuality as a healthy entity. Dr. Calderone was President of the SIECUS board, as well as author and co-author of several books, professional journals and magazine articles.

Annie Jump Cannon Science 1863 Delaware 1994

Annie Jump Cannon

Year Honored: 1994
Birth: 1863 - 1941
Born In: Delaware
Achievements: Science

Astronomer who perfected the universal system of stellar classification. While working at Harvard Observatory, Cannon compiled the largest accumulation of astronomical information ever assembled by an individual.

Rachel Carson Science 1907 Pennsylvania 1973

Rachel Carson

Year Honored: 1973
Birth: 1907 - 1964
Born In: Pennsylvania
Achievements: Science

Zoologist whose concern over the damaging effects of pesticides and other poisons on the environment led to her groundbreaking work, Silent Spring. Carson’s book was a catalyst for the environmental movement of today.

Eleanor Rosalynn Smith Carter Humanities 1926 Georgia 2001

Eleanor Rosalynn Smith Carter

Year Honored: 2001
Birth: 1926 - 2023
Born In: Georgia
Achievements: Humanities

Former First Lady (1977-1981), Rosalynn Carter was an advocate for mental health, early childhood immunizations, human rights, conflict resolution, and health promotion worldwide.

Mary Ann Shadd Cary Humanities 1823 Delaware 1998

Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Year Honored: 1998
Birth: 1823 - 1893
Born In: Delaware
Achievements: Humanities

An educator and abolitionist, Mary Ann Shadd Cary was the first Black American woman to enroll in and graduate from Howard University Law School. She appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to argue for the right of women to vote (with Anthony and Stanton). During the 1870s, while practicing law, she lectured throughout the United States about the improvement of education for Black Americans.

Mary Cassatt Arts 1844 Pennsylvania 1973

Mary Cassatt

Year Honored: 1973
Birth: 1844 - 1926
Born In: Pennsylvania
Achievements: Arts

American impressionist painter who captured the soul of family life, women, children, interiors and gardens. A friend and student of the great Impressionists of Paris, Cassatt powerfully influenced American art.

Willa Cather Arts 1873 Virginia 1988

Willa Cather

Year Honored: 1988
Birth: 1873 - 1947
Born In: Virginia
Achievements: Arts

Newspaperwoman and editor who became an outstanding novelist with the publication of O Pioneers in 1913. Cather went on to write other great novels and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1922. Her well-known works include My Antonia and Death Comes for the Archbishop.

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