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Mary Burnett Talbert Humanities 1866 Ohio 2005

Mary Burnett Talbert

Year Honored: 2005
Birth: 1866 - 1923
Born In: Ohio
Achievements: Humanities

Civil Rights activist and suffragist, Talbert was the first African-American high school principal in the state of Arkansas. Moving to Buffalo in 1891, she went on to lecture internationally on race relations and women’s rights. In 1905, she helped found and organize the Niagara Movement, a forerunner of the NAACP.

Maria Tallchief Arts 1925 Oklahoma 1996

Maria Tallchief

Year Honored: 1996
Birth: 1925 - 2013
Born In: Oklahoma
Achievements: Arts

Prima ballerina with the New York City Ballet and artistic director for the Lyric Opera Ballet in Chicago. Tallchief created a distinctive style and interpretation which continues to influence contemporary ballet. She used her international acclaim to bring about greater understanding and appreciation of Native Americans.

Ida Tarbell Arts 1857 Pennsylvania 2000

Ida Tarbell

Year Honored: 2000
Birth: 1857 - 1944
Born In: Pennsylvania
Achievements: Arts

Writer and editor, her expose of the Standard Oil Trust in the 1904 publication The History of the Standard Oil Company prompted the federal government to prosecute and break up Standard Oil for anti-trust violations. She founded the American Magazin, authored several biographies, and, in spite of her 1912 anti-feminist book, The Business of Being a Woman, remains a role model for women and men in journalism.

Helen Brooke Taussig Science 1898 Massachusetts 1973

Helen Brooke Taussig

Year Honored: 1973
Birth: 1898 - 1986
Born In: Massachusetts
Achievements: Science

As Chief of the heart clinic at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, she developed a pioneering operation in 1944 which solved the often fatal “blue baby” (children born with an anatomical heart defect) problem, saving countless infants.

Mary Church Terrell Government 1863 2020

Mary Church Terrell

Year Honored: 2020
Birth: 1863 - 1954
Achievements: Government

One of the most prominent activists of her era with a career that spanned well into the civil rights movements of the1950’s. Terrell believed in racial uplift and equal opportunity, actively campaigning for women’s and Black women’s suffrage.

Sojourner Truth Humanities c.1797 New York 1981

Sojourner Truth

Year Honored: 1981
Birth: c.1797 - 1883
Born In: New York
Achievements: Humanities

Abolitionist born a slave who became a Quaker missionary. Truth eventually became a traveling preacher of great influence who worked in the antislavery movement. She learned about women’s rights, and adopted that cause as well. She went on to counsel and help newly freed African Americans.

Harriet Tubman Humanities c.1820 Maryland 1973

Harriet Tubman

Year Honored: 1973
Birth: c.1820 - 1913
Born In: Maryland
Achievements: Humanities

Abolitionist born a slave in Maryland. Fleeing north to freedom, Tubman joined the Underground Railroad as a “conductor” who led people through the lines to freedom. Credited with saving more that 300 people from slavery, she became known as “Moses.” During the Civil War, Tubman organized former slaves into scouts and spy patrols, and after the war worked to help needy African Americans.