Judith Plaskow

In the realm of feminist theology, one of the names that stands out as a pioneering force is Dr. Judith Plaskow. An author and activist, Paskow is a visionary thinker whose intellectual contributions have shaped discourse and enriched our understanding of spirituality, gender, and equality.

Known for being the first Jewish feminist theologian, Plaskow began her academic journey in the 1970s.In 1985, she co-founded the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, the oldest interdisciplinary and inter-religious feminist academic journal in religious studies. Plaskow also helped found B’not Esh, a Jewish feminist spirituality collective, and served as president of the American Academy of Religion in the 1990s.

Her groundbreaking book, Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective, challenged traditional interpretations of religious texts and prompted a re-evaluation of the role of women in Judaism.

Beyond academia, Plaskow has used her platform to address issues of social justice, question societal norms, and foster a more inclusive world. Her ongoing legacy continues to spark important conversations among scholars and activists alike.

Year Honored: 2024
Birth: 1947 -
Born In: New York
Achievements: Education, Humanities
Educated In: United States
Schools Attended: Clark University, Yale Divinity School