Carol A. Mutter

Carol Mutter served for over 31 years in the US Marine Corps, attaining the rank of Lieutenant General and achieving many firsts, including first woman Marine three-star general, first woman to be qualified as Command Center Crew Commander / Space Commander at US Space Command, and first woman of general/flag rank to command a major deployable tactical command (3rd Force Service Support Group in Okinawa, Japan).  At the time that she became the first woman Marine Major General she was the senior active duty woman across all military services.  She entered the Marines when 1% of Marines were women and no women were in the deployed services. Since returning to civilian life, General Mutter has continued to work on behalf of women Marines and is a role model for many.  Among her numerous activities, she has served as Chair of the Department of Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services and is a Past President of the Women Marines Association where she remains active at the national level. In addition to speaking and panel engagements, General Mutter currently serves on the National Advisory Council of the Alliance for National Defense, the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation Board and as President of the Indiana War Memorials Commission. General Mutter is the recipient of awards such as the National Defense Service Medal with bronze star and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with four bronze stars and was the first woman nominated by the President for three star rank.

Carol A. Mutter

Year Honored: 2017

Birth: 1945 -

Born In: Colorado

Achievements: Government, Humanities

Educated In: Colorado, Rhode Island, Virginia, United States of America

Schools Attended: University of Northern Colorado, Naval War College, Salve Regina University, Amphibious Warfare School, Marine Corps Command and Staff College