Allucquére Rosanne Stone

Allucquére Rosanne Stone, also known as Sandy Stone, is an academic, media theorist, artist, audio engineer, and computer programmer. A founder of the academic discipline of transgender studies, Stone’s trailblazing work created space for trans scholars to unfold the vast spectrum of gender.

Stone first gained prominence in the 1970s as a sound engineer for Olivia Records, the first company to produce and distribute music by women artists. In addition to her work in art, music, and technology, as an academic and public intellectual Stone continues to provoke important societal conversations. Her groundbreaking 1987 essay “The Empire Strikes Back: A Posttranssexual Manifesto,” not only challenged prevailing notions of gender but also laid the groundwork for discussions on transgender issues in academia and beyond.

Stone’s legacy surpasses the confines of one singular field— inspiring future generations to question, challenge, and redefine societal expectations.

Year Honored: 2024
Birth: 1936 -
Born In: New Jersey
Achievements: Arts, Education, Humanities
Educated In: United States
Schools Attended: St. John's College, University of California, Santa Cruz