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National Women’s Hall of Fame chose Seneca Falls, NY as its home location almost 50 years ago. It was not only a good but also the right place to put down its roots. For history happened here – the very women’s movement history that inspired the Hall’s founding. Now the Hall is making history again. This time we are moving to a new home in the same town, the 1844 Seneca Knitting Mill, a place rooted by its early trustees Jacob Chamberlain and Charles Hoskins in abolition and women’s rights.

In so many ways the Hall is coming home to history. Rehabilitating the Mill aligns the Hall with abolition, women’s rights and the history of the industrial movement in this area. The design of this rehabilitation points the Hall to its and the area’s future where the National Women’s Hall of Fame will stand as a destination along the Erie Canal.

We are asking you to be a part of history: Help the Hall move to the Mill. Join us to build the Hall’s future.

We ask you to give to the Hall. Since acquiring the Mill, the Hall has successfully moved forward, accomplishing nearly $6 million of rehabilitation (community giving plus government grants). Now we need your help.

Consider a general donation to the campaign or talk with us about naming opportunities, from the Mill Building itself or an entire floor or smokestack through to exhibits, conference room, office spaces, welcome and reception areas, Mill history display, building for mechanical, electrical and power systems, endowment, gardens, and countless other ways you can help.


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